Deanna's Services

I offer yoga, breathing assessments, and massage therapy. These services can be done separately or integrated together in a synergistic way. Massage therapy and yoga are a magical blend of modalities to live a peaceful, pain and stress-free life. These tools enable you to live a life of  profound wisdom by tapping into the inherent intelligence of your own design. The alchemy of these practices is formulated based on your goals.  It is adjusted according to the experience you are seeking. I teach therapeutic, strength-building, Hatha (alignment), restorative , yin, yoga nidra and breathing/meditation techniques. 

To book a service, contact me at 530-448-7207 or email:


Yoga Medicine          

500 hr e-RYT

Yoga is a practice of surrender. Through surrender is the cultivation of steady strength. A practice may require active strength or active passivity. Its within these tides where we maintain calmness of mind and rest in the heart. We move from a place that is resonant and authentic to ourselves. The way love makes us move. We carry ourselves with grace, regardless of the circumstance at hand. To practice in such a way brings the mind clarity and precise focus. It enables us to the present moment. It is here where we are liberated and truly joyful.

Rates: 1hr-$100 private/2+ $5 per head



Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist

"Realize that attitude is the most important ingredient. You need to come with an attitude of love and service, wanting to give the other person an experience that he or she can never have alone. The energy of giving and receiving is circular. The surrendering to giving and the surrendering to receiving feed each other to build up a strong circuit of healing energy. Really giving yourself to massaging means feeding the other person with your energy, your spirit." -Gabrielle Roth

Location: Tahoe City, CA

Rates: 60mins-$90 90mins-$120

In Home: 60mins-$130 90mins-$160

Empty the mind to experience the power of true knowing. Knowing what? The true self-whoever that is. But I can guarantee you that your true self is somebody well worth knowing.
— Gabrielle Roth