The Yoga Room:  475 N Lake Blvd Tahoe City, CA

  • Tuesdays 12-1pm

  • Thursdays 12-1pm

  • Sundays 9-1030am

 Wanderlust Squaw Valley Studio: Squaw Valley Village, CA

  • Sundays 12-1pm

 Alpenflow Studio Truckee, Ca

  • Friday 12-1pm

Ray 2019 Yoga Festival, June 1st from 3-430. Sign up at

  • Yoga Medicine: A practice of fluidity, connection and inspiration. Yoga Medicine pulls us back to our most subtle and truest nature through specific pranayama, meditation and asana that encapsulates foundation and strength while allowing the body to move in its most inherent rhythmic way. 

Yosemite High Country

Yosemite High Country