7/13/17 Your Light

When you experience yourself dancing through this life. Seeing yourself from the outside and from the inside. Observing the quality of your mind, body and spirit in a given moment. Watching it and feeling it change and transform. Watch and listen closely. When are you happy? When are you down? What pulled you off your feet and brought you fumbling to the ground? You may ask yourself, "Am I making the wrong choice? Am I inviting the wrong people into my world?" No, you are not. They have been sent to you for a very specific reason. Maybe that reason entails you to be able to build discernment and become stronger and more unwavering within your truth. They are just simply a challenge and truly a gift to show you the beauty of yourself, even if within their presence, you don't feel very good. It makes you ask the deeper questions and find the hidden meanings of why you do what it is that you do. And why you are who you are. When they give you this fine gift, then maybe the time has come to set them free. They were only meant for you briefly. They were a butterfly you saw that one day on your hike and when you were heading back, you saw that same butterfly dead on the ground. Release. Let go. Be free. Be you.