Originally from Maine,  I journeyed out west in 2009. In 2010, traveled to Rishikesh, India where I studied yoga and the Indian culture for a few months. This experience was not an easy one, but definitely necessary on this path to yoga. It was on this exploration, that yoga introduced itself to me. When I returned to the states, I continued my yogic studies and found teacher, Ashleigh Sergaent. Within this realm, began the study of Alignment-Hatha yoga for the following 8 years. I have been teaching all the while on this journey. This yogic evolution that is still ever-lasting, introduced new ways of experiencing the breath, body and mind connection. This knowledge has opened doorways that I never knew existed. Doorways that have brought a sense of greater awareness, patience, healing, self-love,  a realization of the power of the mind, as well as the universal connection between all things. My studies continue within this lineage, along with the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

I have been a student and therapist of massage for the past 5 years,  attending school in Napa Valley prior to my current studies at accredited college of Truckee Meadows in Reno, NV. This modality serves as a synergistic connection with the practice of yoga. Massage cultivates detox through circulation of the lymphatic system, hydration of muscles, alleviates pain, uplifts mood, activates the PNS system for deep relaxation, calms the mind by bringing brain waves into the alpha state, nourishes your entire being, and sheds stagnant energy.

My work has evolved into an integration of yoga medicine, movement and massage therapy. Yoga medicine involves creating a life-long practice incorporating postures, breath and meditation. Movement therapy is an intuitive approach to each individual that delivers exactly what the body and nervous system are asking for. Massage therapy eases the entire system, thus creating a wholesome effect of all modalities combined.

Be the creator of a future that is you healed, whole and happy.